Kalliroscopes create galaxies and hurricanes at your fingertips

A kalliroscope is a rheoscopic fluid display that uses magnets and mica to create a vortex when spun. There are a few models that are dome shaped, and even some spheres.

The Vortex dome is a highly addictive science toy that offers a tactile insight into fluid dynamics. It's skillfully crafted from borosilicate glass and stainless steel. In the base there are precision ball bearings that enable the mechanism to spin. Inside the dome the special rheoscopic fluid – consisting of fine mica powder, allows you to visualize the movements of weather, galaxies and other complex vortices found in nature. The little metallic spring is attracted by magnets and can be used to clean the inside of the dome. It's a luxurious desk toy – Incredibly rewarding to play with. Excellent gadget to focus your mind on. An especially soothing tool for an individual with Aspergers or other condition of the autistic spectrum. A perfect gift for a person who appreciates smart ideas and quality design. Great for the gadget enthusiast and an absolute must for the fan of the unusual. A bigger version of this device can be found in every major science museum across the globe and now it's available for your office or home.

Here's how to make your own:

Image: YouTube / Magnet Tricks