Nick Offerman sings "I Like Beer," his ode to Brett Kavanaugh (& supremely illegitimate justice)

I love the courage of Nick Offerman as he fearlessly champions Black Lives Matter, the 2017 Women's March (while wearing a pink pussy hat), LGBTQ rights, early voting, mask-wearing, and more on his Instagram page.

Every time he does a post on one of these subjects, he's immediately pinned down by a withering barrage of incoming outraged, hatred, and "Unsubscribe!," from the right wing of his fanbase who are apparently think he is the toxically masculine Ron Swanson character he plays on Parks and Recreation. And yet, Nick soldiers on.

Here he is above, singing and playing "I Like Beer" (the song he wrote about Brett Kavanaugh with Mark Rivers). He writes: "To celebrate another supremely illegitimate justice shoved down the throat of our democracy, please enjoy my anthem honoring our soft hero Kavanaugh and the time he brayed to us about his values."

Image: Screengrab