News from the year 2051: The history of sending Halloween candy down a PVC pipe

Oftentimes, tradition becomes so instilled in us that it feels like it's always been that way. Not so, with the annual pvc pipe Halloween candy chute. There was a time when trick-or-treaters would come right to the door and residents would hand, yes, use their HANDS to give candy to the children. As bizarre as that seems there were generations where the citizenry gave little mind to germs and viruses.

When the 2019 corona virus (COVID-19) hit the United States by early 2020 the Trump administration opted to ignore the coming pandemic, hoping it would just go away and not affect the stock market. Instead the deadly virus spread and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

In the spirit of American ingenuity and keeping distant from one another many people fashioned pipes to slide candy down to the children, rather than cancel Halloween. The trend took off, and became instilled in the Halloween tradition when COVID-25 came during President Kamala Harris's first term, but was eradicated in a few short months.

Here is an early example of a 2020 pvc Halloween candy chute:

video from YouTube, prior to YouTube becoming our 51st state

Bless these forerunners of our modern age. Have a safe Halloween this year and remember, transporter device pranks are never a good idea.