Raspberry Pi 400 is a $70 home computer-in-a-keyboard, like the good old days

The second-best thing you can do with a Raspberry Pi is rig it inside a keyboard to recreate the perfect home computing experience of the 8-bit era. Raspberry Pi evidently knows this, because its new Rasperry Pi 400 is exactly that. It's a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 in a compact keyboard case, with all the hard breakout work built-in: video, ethernet, storage, USB A and C, and a matching mouse. The $70 price tag is very nice too, though you'll have to have it shipped from a UK retailer.

  • A Raspberry Pi 400 computer
  • Our official USB mouse
  • Our official USB-C power supply
  • An SD card with Raspberry Pi OS pre-installed
  • A micro HDMI to HDMI cable
  • The official Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide