10 reasons why you should smoke cocaine-infused cigarettes

I love the circa 1890 advertising copy for these cocaine cigarettes:

Since the days of Sir Walter Raleigh mankind has used the "fragrant weed" in ever increasing quantities, in spite of its acknowledged deleterious effects upon the system, finding pleasure, solace and comfort in so doing.

Science has now come to the rescue and enabled all smokers to enjoy tobacco to its full extent, without any of its nerve depressing effects, by combining it with coca, in the form of cigarettes, known as Cocarettes.

The Cocabacco Co. also lists 10 reasons why smokers of plain-old tobacco should switch to Cocarettes. Among them:

  • They have the exact portion of genuine Bolivian coca leaf combined with the finest flavored tobacco, to produce the most delicious flavor. 
  • That coca neutralizes the depressing effects of the nicotine in the tobacco.
  • Coca is the finest nerve tonic and exhilarator ever discovered.
  • Coco stimulates the brain to Great activity and gives tone and vigor to the entire system. 
  • Cocaine and tobacco combined, is the greatest boon ever offered to smokers. 
  • Cocarettes can be freely used by persons in delicate Health without injury, and with positively beneficial results.

Via Bruce Sterling blog