Dropshipping sounds like a terrible way to make money

"Dropshipping is the single worst self-imposed journey I've sent myself on in recent memory," writes Ryan Bassil for Vice. In his entertaining article, he describes how he followed the advice of dropshipping gurus who promise you can make $10k or more a month by selling crap found on Aliexpress. He ended up disappointed by every part of the process.

From Vice:

I decided I would try dropshipping once more with another product and re-organised my store so that it would sell a Galaxy Light projector. I wrote up new product descriptions and new ads. I would advertise my illuminating light monstrosity for a cost of £5 per day of advertising with adverts running for four days.

This time, I thought I'd try a cheaper option to see if there were any change. I got 56 link clicks and the advert reached 3,920 people. It resulted in zero sales. On the fourth day, Facebook disabled my ad account for "suspicious activity".