Elon Musk tests positive (and negative) for Covid after experiencing symptoms

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, suffering from a fever and other symptoms, took a fast Covid test and it came out positive. He took three more, resulting in a total of two positive tests and two negative tests. Then he took to Twitter to denounce the tests.

"'Elon Musk Tests Negative for Covid' is an equally correct title," Musk added. "The 'rapid antigen test' from BD seems to be about as useful as a flipping a coin."

Musk, who considers lockdowns and other disease-containment measures "fascist", has reason to doubt the quickie results.

Firstly, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, among others, has noted that false positives may occur with some Covid antigen tests.

Secondly, he has already made a fool of himself with Covid predictions and it would be doubly embarassing were he to catch the disease himself.