Watch blues maestros Son House and Buddy Guy on TV in 1958

"I'm gonna take this thing here, right now, and I can make it say its prayers."

Above, blues legends Son House and Buddy Guy perform on Camera Three, an American fine arts TV show that aired on Sundays from 1956 to 1980.

Camera Three began as a local program on WCBS-TV in New York City, then moved to CBS, before finally landing on PBS. From Wikipedia:

Camera Three featured programs showcasing drama, ballet, art, music, anything involving fine arts. The first network presentation was a dramatization of Feodor Dostoevsky's short story "The Drama of a Ridiculous Man," with Canadian actor John Drainie as the "ridiculous man," and directed by Francis Moriarty.

Said media columnist Charles Mercer of the initial network broadcast, "The concept of Camera Three, as aptly expressed by its moderator James Macandrew, is that 'television is more than an engineering miracle.' In the past it has revealed the artistic dimensions of the medium in multipart dramatizations of Moby Dick, The Red Badge of Courage and Crime and Punishment. Unquestionably it will go on to do similar superior works." […]

Noteworthy guests on the program included Alan Watts, Son House, Richard Burton, Melissa Hayden, Carlos Montoya, Agnes Moorehead, Ogden Nash, Katherine Anne Porter, Christopher Plummer, and Thornton Wilder.

(via r/VintageTV)