Scotland just became the first country to provide free tampons and pads to all

In an unprecedented show of support for women's and all vaginal health, Parliament unanimously passed a law this week granting all people legal right to free tampons and pads in schools and other public buildings.

"Period poverty" has made it difficult for some people to access necessary sanitary products, but other circumstance can interfere as well, such as homelessness, abusive relationships, or certain health conditions. Some transgender people also have trouble accessing sanitary products. Access has only become more difficult during the pandemic.

"Aileen Campbell, the cabinet secretary for communities and local government said the bill's passage would send "a very clear message to the kind of Scotland we want to be." She said it was "clear that everyone in this chamber agrees that no one in our society should have to suffer the indignity of not having the means to meet their basic needs and that being able to access period products is fundamental to equality and dignity."

Via The New York Times