Scottish politician resigns over "sexy" "Satanic" novels

After more than a decade as a Scottish Labour councillor, Fife-based writer Altany Craik was in the running to lead the party in the next general election. But he has since been forced to withdraw from the race. The official reason is that evergreen euphemism of "family reasons."

That, of course, is code for a scandal. Which, in this case, involves Craik's side-gig writing supernatural fantasy novels. At the center of the controversy is Craik's 8-book Father Steel series, which focus on a psychic priest who investigates occult-related crimes. As The Guardian reports:

Sources close to Craik, who was first elected as a councillor in 2012 and is now the second most senior councillor in Fife's Labour-led administration, suggested he had stepped aside because the party had raised issues about the content and themes of the occult horror books that he writes as a hobby.


"He's having to put a statement out saying he's pulling out for family reasons without giving the full picture. He's been allowed to stand in the past but he's now suddenly being told he's not suitable because of books he's been writing for years."

The books, which regularly garner four- and five-star ratings on Good Reads, follow [Father Andrew] Steel as he investigates grisly murders, experiencing jolts of psychic connection from dead bodies or other objects.

Sexy Satanic Urban Fantasy novels? I thought we wanted politicians who understand what the people really want!

Labour councillor quits selection race after concerns over 'sexy, satanic' novels [Libby Brooks / The Guardian]