Step up your video-call game with these five HD webcams on sale for up to 90% off

With so many of us sticking around the house and working from home, webcams have taken on an elevated importance. And, when we're all trying to look our best on Zoom video conferences and Skype sessions with family and friends, the capabilities of those tiny cams start to matter.

While many computers have built-in webcams to facilitate video chat, you'll quickly find that most are bare-bones, in terms of features and quality. Since 2021 is going to demand more than bare-bones, take a look at five stellar HD webcam options that get it right, all now on sale at early Black Friday prices. 

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TEZL 1080P HD Webcam with Privacy Cover – $23.99; originally $99

With security being essential these days, why should you have to put a piece of masking tape over your high-tech camera lens to ensure some privacy? TEZL thinks you shouldn't have to, which is why they equipped their camera with a handy privacy cover. Of course, this camera doesn't skimp on the meat and potatoes either, packing a 1" x 2.7" 2MP image sensor and 3.6M lens for sterling clear images in sharp 1080p HD resolution. It has a fabulous picture, even in dim or poorly lit settings, and the built-in mic even has automatic noise reduction to cut out all that background sound that disrupts your session.

1080p USB Webcam – $31.99; originally $54

If you're constantly hopping from Skype, Twitch, Zoom, Teams, and every other video conferencing platform, this camera can slide into any of those environments like a glove. 

Along with 1080p widescreen resolution, this USB-connected webcam also shoots at 30 frames per second, an improvement from the standard 24, that offers images that are more crisp and colorful, and with improved contrast over competitors. Part of that also comes from the built-in image optimization function that automatically adjusts saturation, contrast, white balance, and exposure to make your shot perfect.

iPM W9 1080p Full HD Webcam – $26.36; originally $49

This high-definition cam from iPM is strictly plug-and-play, with no drivers needed to immediately get a great image. In addition to its 30FPS frame rate, the W9 also comes with a multifunctional base that allows you to fix it securely to your computer monitor, with the screw hold in the bottom so you can even set it up on its own tripod. It also has a built-in noise reduction microphone, which automatically eliminates background noise and clearly captures sound within 15 to 20 feet.

iPM W10 1080p Full HD Plug and Play Webcam – $33.59; originally $59

Unlike most cameras, the W10 isn't stuck in just one position. It's got full 360-degree rotation abilities, so you can point it up and down, side to side, and all the way around with no trouble. The high-definition lens brings true-color images to their full radiance at a frame rate of up to 30FPS for smoother, cleaner photos. The driver-free, plug-and-play design supports all the most popular computer operating systems, and it integrates easily with all the biggest streaming and conferencing services.

iPM W11 1080p Super-HD Plug and Play Webcam – $46.39; originally $79

In case you're worried that someone might be hijacking your video stream, the W11 comes with a convenient LED lighting system that lets you know, at a glance, if your stream is up and running or not. Those indicators will keep you in the loop so you're never broadcasting without your intent. This unit also has all the included features and abilities of its fellow iPM cams, including 1080p resolution, a noise reduction mic to squelch background sound, an easily mountable base, and a 110-degree viewing angle that allows you to get more objects in the frame at once.

Prices are subject to change.