How does sound travel through space?

Twenty Thousand Hertz is a podcast about sounds. Case in point: the latest episode, "Space Audity," which explores how, exactly, sound travels through the vacuum space, and the very practical technological complications that would make potential Martian communications difficult.

Here's the official synopsis:

We've all heard the iconic recordings from the Apollo missions. But how exactly does NASA manage to run live audio between Earth and the moon? And how might we chat with astronauts on Mars and beyond? Featuring Astronaut Peggy Whitson, NASA Audio Engineer Alexandria Perryman, and Astrophysicist Paul Sutter.

It's a short episode — less than a half hour — but it provides some surprisingly accessible explanations of some unsurprisingly complex science. And now I know that we're currently limited to only 4 bands of space-ready radio waves, and that all of NASA's communications are technically available to the public, which is kinda cool.

Space Audity [Twenty Thousand Hertz]