Make a little champagne chair for fun and prizes

A champagne chair is a dollhouse-sized chair made from the cap, cage, and/or cork from a champagne bottle. We can imagine it originated from partygoers who needed something to do with their hands while listening to drunk conversation, but it has become somewhat of an art form, and as happens to all human activities, it has been turned into a competition.   

The year is the 17th for the annual DWR Champagne Chair Contest. Make a chair from the foil, label, cap, cage, and cork (anything but the glass) of up to two champagne bottles. There's a division for original design, and a division for recreating a chair from the gallery at Design Within Reach. Entries must be in by January 5, so if you plan correctly, you can use your New Year champagne. Prizes are substantial DWR gift cards, and there's a bonus:

For each entry, Herman Miller Cares is donating $50 to Artist Relief, a charitable initiative providing financial help to artists during the pandemic. The more entries, the more artists are helped.

Read the contest guidelines at Design Within Reach. Find a basic how-to to get you started at Instructables. 

[via Nag on the Lake]