Miniature 3D-printed Disney trash cans

A longtime friend and I first bonded years ago over something funny. We discovered that we both had a history of photographing trash cans at Disney Parks. (I mean, c'mon, they're all in theme.)

So I had to laugh when I was at Disneyland recently and spotted their ("Authentic" and "Original") trash can highlighter set modeled after five of the park's trash cans: Main Street USA, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, and Fantasyland.

When I got home, I fell into a Disney-trash-can rabbit hole and came across these 1:18 scale, 3D-printed Disney trash cans. They're the creation of Chris of Etsy shop, TheNewHobbyist. He currently has nine different designs and is willing to work with you to make a custom one of your favorite Disney trash can. Because, let's be honest, who doesn't have a favorite Disney trash can? Each one costs $25.


Contemporary Resort

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Miniature action sports

This made me laugh. It's a quirky video by YouTuber Kevin Parry where his fingers and hands play "miniature action sports," like skateboarding and surfing.

Here's his behind-the-scenes video:

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Amazing Black Knight hand-painted miniature from 'Kingdom Death' weird horror game

Check out this astonishing workmanship by mulletsaurus, who hand-painted The Black Knight from Kingdom Death. Here's the blank for comparison: Read the rest

Miniature cities on household objects

These beautiful, fanciful miniature cities built into household objects like power-strips and desk-fans are part of the graduate show at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. The artist is uncredited, but it's very lovely work.

Student Work | Kyoto University of Art and Design

(via Cribcandy)

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Overlooked miniature marine polyp gorges on plankton

Jared sez, "HD video of a single Corynactis viridis corallimorph polyp (about 8mm in diameter) seen capturing and digesting tiny plankton as they flow past in the current.

Directed by Morphologic Studios, a scientific art endeavor based out of Miami, Florida. Morphologic Studios will be releasing a HD video-a-week this year highlighting overlooked, miniature marine life."

Corynactis viridis

(Thanks, Jared!)

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