5G conspiracy theorists are selling Faraday cages to put your router in. But there's a problem.

Faraday cages for Wi-Fi routers are the latest 5G conspiracy grift, writes Matthew Gault at Vice. The metal cages "block up to 95% EMF RF waves", the 'blue smog' feared by claimed radio-sensitives. But there's a problem: it's hard to block 5G without blocking the rest of the spectrum, and a little wire box isn't going to do the trick.

"The box does work at keeping radiation in but also Wi-Fi will not work unless you're in the same room as the router! It decreases the signal by 90%!! We really wanted to like it but it was impossible to use our phones in any other room of the house," one negative review said. If the metal cage is reducing the Wi-Fi strength from the router, it's working as designed.

It struck me that the "5G is bad" people are completely new to the conspiracy, which is why they think Wi-Fi is fine even though it's just a slightly different wavelengh of the same old radio waves. I wonder what the oldschool "Wi-Fi is bad" anti-EMF folks think of it all.