Google to lift political ad ban on December 10

Google will lift a temporary ban on election-related advertisements on December 10, the Alphabet-owned company said on Wednesday.

"We will still rigorously enforce our ads policies, which strictly prohibit demonstrably false information that could significantly undermine trust in elections or the democratic process, among other forms of abuse," Google said in a statement today.

From Reuters:

Google's pause of election ads, which came into effect after polls closed in the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 3, was one of its measures to combat misinformation and other abuses on its site.

It was part of its "sensitive events" policy, which seeks to prohibit content that potentially capitalizes on events like public health emergencies or natural disasters.

The company said in an email to advertisers seen by Reuters that "we no longer consider the post-election period to be a sensitive event."

Major online platforms have been under pressure to police misinformation about the election on their sites, which continued to proliferate on social media after Election Day.

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