SureWay Health is finally making their premium N95 medical-grade masks available to the public

While we're by no means finished with the global COVID-19 nightmare, it's reassuring that it seems most of the world has adapted to certain difficult realities of life under the virus — one of those being the crushing shortage of medical-grade N95 respirator masks that brought U.S. hospitals and other medical facilities to a virtual halt last spring. 

While the need for premium face masks to protect against the spread of airborne bacteria or even polluted air isn't over, stockpiles of N95 masks for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are replenishing. That's why companies like SureWay Health have started offering some of their premium face masks — like their Dasheng DTC3X respirator — for sale to the general public.

SureWay began making both medical and consumer-grade face masks earlier this year. After supplying the DTC3X to hospitals and frontline medical workers all year, it's now available for purchase to doctors offices, dentists, artists, workmen, and anyone who's still focused on top-flight personal safeguards for themselves and their families.

Made from several breathable layers of special non-woven synthetic polymer fabric, the DTC3X is one of the safest mask options available anywhere. It's certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and recommended by the FDA and CDC. 

The mask is produced through a melt blowing process which forms the inner BFE filtration layers inside, blocking out 95 percent of hazardous or virus-carrying particles in the air.

It's latex-free, glue-free and odorless with a comfortable facial fit from the pliable fabric that forms comfortable and securely around your mouth and nose. The mask features soft woven headband straps to secure the seal and there's even an adjustable metal nosepiece that conforms to any nose bridge for a better, more effective fit. 

Extensively tested in two world-class US-based labs to confirm it exceeds filtration standards, this mask can also be reused several times if the user is confident the inside of the mask was never exposed to COVID-19. 

In addition to virus protection, the DTC3X is also perfectly suited to any job that kicks up lots of particulates, including everything from construction and home improvement to gardening to disinfecting and cleaning. It could also come in handy for west coast residents during the hazy, smoky wildfire season.

Right now, SureWay Health is also making the DTC3X N95 face masks available at 35 to 52 percent off their regular price, depending on whether you purchase a 20-mask quantity for $129 all the way up to a stash of 400.

Prices are subject to change.