Vatican says it is "morally acceptable" for Catholics to get COVID-19 vaccines developed from abortion fetal tissue

Funny how times change! The Vatican has declared that it is "morally acceptable" for Roman Catholics to receive coronavirus vaccines developed from research that used fetal tissue from abortions.

The Catholic Church still says that abortion is a grave sin.

From the Associated Press:

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican's watchdog office for doctrinal orthodoxy, said it had received several requests for "guidance" during recent months. The doctrinal office pointed out that bishops, Catholic groups and experts have offered "diverse and sometimes conflicting pronouncements" on the matter.

Drawing on Vatican pronouncements in past years about developing vaccines prepared from cells derived from aborted fetuses, the watchdog office's statement was examined by Pope Francis, who ordered it to be made public.

(…)The Vatican concluded that "it is morally acceptable to receive COVID-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses" in the research and production process when "ethically irreproachable" vaccines aren't available to the public. But it stressed that the "licit" uses of such vaccines "does not and should not in any way imply that there is a moral endorsement of the use of cell lines proceeding from aborted fetuses."

The Vatican did not name any specific COVID-19 vaccine in its proclamation.

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