New and improved robot barber still looks pretty scary

Robot Barber 2.0 improves on the previous design by adding a few new bells and whistles, as well as an improved pattern carving setup that basically shaves a pattern in hair like a 3D printer operates.

It was time to take another pass on the hair cutting robot. The new robot is bigger, better, way more reliable and travel friendly. I tried to cut MatPats hair (live) then my brothers hair and then my own. For some reason I'm compelled to improve the pattern carving functionality even though I have zero desire to actually use it…. One final thing – if you know of any actual problems that could use a better solution please leave a comment. One of my goals is to make a portion of my projects attempts at solving legitimately useful problems and I would love to have a good list of them. Thanks!

The original version looked even scarier:

Image: YouTube / Stuff Made Here