How to fold the unicorn from Blade Runner

I stumbled across these instructions on how to fold the unicorn from the final scene of Blade Runner.

It's a print-up PDF of folding instructions, which is decidedly old-school, as origami goes. These days we're in a golden age for paper-folding, because tons of origami artists post videos and/or photos showing how to fold their models; and with something as spatially complex as origami, it's easier to follow a video than illustrated instructions.

But me, I learned origami in the late 70s and 80s from paper books — most notably Robert Harbin's origami series. So I have an affection for learning a model from illustrated instructions; it's bloody hard, but when you finally get it, the sense of accomplishment is amazing.

I decided to make the unicorn model, below. Caveas: I didn't have any small foil origami paper, so I just used squares made from regular photocopier paper — which means my model is massive, probably four times bigger than the one in the movie, lol.

To make the unicorn you use two sheets of paper to make a model of front and hindquarters, glue 'em together after they're each complete, and also trim a small piece of paper off the front model to turn into the horn, which is also glued on.

This somewhat violates my personal origami aesthetic. I prefer models that don't require any gluing or cutting, and where if you're fitting several modular pieces together, they attach via their own physics and friction.