WATCH|Disastrous CBS Interview with Miya Ponsetto who tackled Black teen she falsely accused of stealing her phone

Miya Ponsetto was arrested for attacking a Black teenager at a New York City hotel last week. Ponsetto was recorded on video at the hotel falsely accusing the 14-year-old and tackling him when he refused to let her confiscate his phone.

In this CBS News interview, Ponsetto describes herself as "super-sweet," portrays herself as the victim, complains that the boy's father knocked her to the ground after she violently attacked the boy, defends her actions by saying "I'm a 22-year-old girl," and can't give a satisfactory answer as to why she'd singled out the Black teen as a thief.

When Ponsetto complains that boy's father knocked her to the ground (after she tackled the boy) reporter Gayle King says, "Yeah, but the video we saw, it looked like you just attacked his son."

Ponsetto replies, "Yeah, the footage shows me, of attacking his son — attacking him how? Yelling at him? Yes. OK, I apologize. Can we move on?"

When the King says Ponsetto is old enough to know better than to attack a child who didn't even have her phone, Ponsetto interrupts her by pushing her palm town the camera and saying "Alright Gayle, enough. The hotel did have my phone. The hotel did end up having my phone."