Geeta Dayal remembers composer Harold Budd

We lost American avant-garde composer Harold Budd to COVID-19 in December. In this eulogy, arts and music writer, Geeta Dayal, remembers this singular artist.

Budd conceived a unique sonic terrain, in part by eschewing what was cool at the time. While other composers pushed the bounds of 'difficult' avant-garde music, Budd created gentle, lushly romantic ambient works, embracing the piano and melodious, old-fashioned instruments such as the celeste. He admired abstract painters like Mark Rothko, but also derived inspiration from the far less hip Pre-Raphaelite artists of the mid-1800s, especially the painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Budd's dreamy early breakthrough 'Madrigals of the Rose Angel,' which featured a segment titled 'Rossetti Noise,' was deliciously out of step with the hard-edged music of the 1970s.

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[H/t Kyra Rehn]

Image: Album art inset