Stop motion animator Headexplodie wants you to stop being weird about menstruation

Headexplodie, otherwise known as Oakland-based artist Annie Wong, has been cooking up weirdness in her stop motion studio for over a decade. Her creations are undeniably adorable, even when they're oozing, barfing, or shaped like poop. Though I love it all, I'm especially fond of her Ovary Actions GIF series, Wong's project designed to combat period stigma with help from an angry uterus, a friendly maxi pad blob, and a diva cup surfing a crimson wave.

When I joined Annie's Patreon recently, I was not expecting much beyond supporting an artist that I like, but her Patreon game is strong! Imagine my surprise when I received a package in the mail from Headexplodie HQ containing a sticker set, enamel uterus pin, and a mini tub of homemade glitter slime with eyeballs, complete with home care instructions and a baggie of Borax. A far better pet than any trifling Sea Monkey packet I ever ordered out of the back of a comic book.

Headexplodie Patreon rewards!