Hospital pharmacist who sabotaged those COVID-19 vaccine doses thinks "the sky is not real" and vaccine contains microchips

Remember Wisconsin hospital pharmacist Steven R. Brandenburg who recently pled guilty to sabotaging hundreds of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine? Turns out, he's not only convinced COVID-19 is a hoax, but, according to an FBI filing, that the "microchipped" vaccine can also "turn off people's birth control and make others infertile." Not only that, but "the earth is flat; the sky is not real, rather it is a shield put up by the Government to prevent individuals from seeing God; and Judgment Day is coming." From Yahoo! News:

The coworker, identified in the document as pharmacy technician Sarah Sticker, told authorities that Brandenburg carried a .45-caliber handgun to work, which he said he needed "in case the military came to take him away." Cops seized several firearms from Brandenburg's home on New Year's Eve[…]

Brandenburg [later] confessed that he in fact did spoil the vaccines because he thought they would "alter the recipient's DNA." He further explained that he was in the midst of a "very contentious divorce" and wasn't sleeping properly.

"My actions were inexcusable and I deeply apologize for the harm I have caused," Brandenburg wrote.