Somebody told me that The Killers' new hot sauce is a Hot Fuss

Rock band The Killers have released a new hot sauce series. Yes really. Here's what Mr. Brightside has to say about it:

First of all, thank you for getting involved with our hot sauce! We've been involved, with the idea at least, for years. You might say starting the band was just a means to make hot sauce. Yeah, it's that good. Hotter than Vegas, and with four tasty flavors, it's more than we thought we'd pull off, to be honest.

Made by hand, in small batches using only the finest ingredients like aged chilis, habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, hickory-smoked sea salt, and a dash of real sin from Las Vegas to make this most fabulous hot sauce on the market. So get ready, folks. Oblige your senses and pair with your favorite food and Killers records. DO IT! Your pals in music and sauce, The Killers

The Killers' hot sauce is being sold in a limited edition box set, which includes 4 flavors: the Louisiana-style Hot Fuss, verde-style Fire in the Bone, the hickory-smoked Caution, and the ghost pepper-ified Abundance.

If you're cautiously curious, don't worry: music website StereoGum has already reviewed the entire collection—in Killers' song lyric parody form, no less:

Well somebody told me
You aren't a wing sauce
But you taste like wing sauce
That I had at some point, I'm sure, in last year
It's not confidential, you are apparently just a tangy Louisiana hot sauce that goes well on everything

I enjoy the Killers well enough, but this is random enough that I might clock it as my second-favorite thing about the band, ranking just below the wild conspiracy theory that their debut album Hot Fuss was actually a confession about a depraved homosexual murder cover-up. Which, I suppose, is its own kind of hot sauce, in a way.

The Killers' Hot Sauce