Help a Girl Scout troop battle homelessness

Girl Scout troop 6000 is comprised of over 700 girls in 15 locations who are homeless or have experienced being homeless. Started in 2017 in the New York metropolitan area by Giselle Burgess, an employee of Girl Scouts of Greater New York (GSGNY), Burgess had been homeless with 5 children at one time herself. Now troop 6000 offers classes, resources, and support to homeless youth funded greatly by Girl Scout cookie sales.

via The Optimist Daily:

While other Girl Scout troops take the summer off, Troop 6000 runs year-round to offer activities like camping, crafts, coding, and even shadowing lawyers and journalists at their jobs. For girls who face uncertainty in their living situations, the troop is a constant. "The troop is the thing they know will always be there," Meridith Maskara, CEO of GSGNY told Oprah Magazine. "Even if they carry all their belongings in a backpack or get moved in the middle of the night."

This year, Troop 6000 is once again selling cookies. Although they are selling online now because of the pandemic, the troop still aims to surpass last year's feat of 32,569 boxes sold. If you would like to purchase cookies from Troop 6000, you can do so on their website.