Woody Allen HBO docuseries on director's sexual abuse allegations

The Michael Jackson (Leaving Neverland) and R. Kelly (Surviving R. Kelly) documentaries were decisive knock out punches to each singer's public personas and though some still defend them, the majority believe the accusers and have washed their hands of them entirely. The evidence against Woody Allen has been explored and analyzed and sometimes dismissed as Hollywood gossip, but here's hoping that HBO's docuseries Allen v. Farrow is the final blow to take down what appears to be a sexual abuser.

He married his girlfriend's daughter for God's sake, which we knew had to be the tip of a terrible ice berg, and yet he was able to make movie after movie afterward. Amazon did shelf Allen's A Rainy Day in New York in 2018 after taking Dylan Farrow's allegations against him more seriously, thank God.

Woody Allen has been deemed insanely creepy ever since marrying daughter Soon-Yi but Allen worked and worked and still seems to get a pass Michael Jackson and R. Kelly aren't afforded. How we need, what I am sure is a fine documentary, to cancel Woody Allen once and for all is beyond me but, fingers crossed that Allen v. Farrow is the final nail in his coffin.