The Ring video doorbell gives you eyes at your front door – and it's also 10% off

Remember back when you'd hear a knock at your door, and have to get up and look through the peephole to see who it was? Oh, the 2000s…it feels like forever ago now, doesn't it? 

Of course, now, just about everybody is rocking a video doorbell, making the old game of playing 'who's at the door' about as obsolete as buggy whips and…well, non-video doorbells.

Ring has established itself as the leader in the uber-doorbell tech race, accounting for about 4 out of every 10 video doorbells installed in one research survey. You can find out why Ring is so popular and even save yourself a few bucks by picking up the Ring Video Doorbell Pro right now.

The Ring Pro easily connects to almost any doorbell wiring so you can basically see anything that happens on your front porch in real time, or watch it back later, whether you're at home or not. 

With its 1080p HD camera and customizable motion sensors, anything that approaches your doorway is captured on video, even in the darkness of night, thanks to the infrared night vision function. 

Synced to your Ring app, any press of the doorbell or trigger of the motion sensors can send an alert to your phone, tablet, or PC so you can see who's there. There's even the ability to focus the sensors on specific parts of your yard, so if you don't want an alert when the neighbor cat crosses your lawn, but do want to know when a stranger strides up your walkway, you can customize your system accordingly. 

Through the built-in two-way audio, you can also hear and speak to visitors from your device anywhere you are.

Being in the Amazon product family, the Ring also syncs easily with Alexa, allowing your home assistant to give you a heads up when someone's at the door.

Meanwhile, the Ring is fashion forward as well, with an ultra-slim design and customizable faceplates to match almost any front door or home style.

Regularly $249, you can save 10% off the price of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and get one for only $224.99.

Prices subject to change.