After sportsball event, Tampa hosts a superspreader event

Following the annual Sacred Fight Over Control Of The Rubber Bladder Encased In Pigskin Ritual (SFFOCOTRBEIPR), thousands of hysterical maskless SFFOCOTRBEIPR devotees flocked to ethanol-consumption stations and stormed public squares to distribute doses of both plain and fancy versions of COVID-19.

From MSN:

Outside Raymond James Stadium on Sunday night, three barefaced Buccaneers fans jumped up and down on the roof of a white car, waving their arms. One man held out his phone and recorded the largely maskless Tampa crowd cheering, flying flags, hugging and colliding into each other as the Tom Brady-led Buccaneers won the franchise's first Super Bowl in 18 years.

Other antics ensued, including hundreds gathering around a man who climbed a tree and swaying it back and forth; pedestrians walking against traffic as cars drove by with celebrators standing through sunroofs waving team flags; and police officers getting knocked down as intoxicated patrons poured out of the bars by the thousands.

Throughout Tampa this weekend, hordes of football fans crammed into bars, clogged streets and belted chants — many without masks, despite dire warnings from public health experts that the Super Bowl could become a superspreader event.