This luxury manmade island looks like a great setting for a video game

The Blue Estate Group proposes to build an artificial island off Nassau featuring billion-dollar homes, yacht berths, rental accomodation for the help, etc.

A number of island brokers reported a huge spike in demand for private islands in the months after Covid-19 brought much of the world to a standstill, with one telling the New York Times he'd had his busiest two months in over 20 years. … Located a 25-minute plane journey from Bahamas capital Nassau and just under 90 minutes from Miami, the island will measure 4,921 feet by 3,280 feet (1,500 meters by 1,000 meters), an area half the size of Monaco, and can accommodate up to 15,000 permanent residents.

Something about the 3D renders makes it easy to see as the setting of a hyperballardian video game, fighting through the failing trash-strewn sun-soaked environment, torn apart by various emergent factions, blockaded by the U.S. Fourth Fleet, etc.