Computer case recalled over fire hazard

The NZXT H1 is a fancy small form-factor case for PCs, with a tag price of $350 and a sleek metal and smoked-glass design. Unfortunately, it includes a component that cooks when standard metal screws are used (instead of the nylon ones supplied with the product) causing a nasty short. It's been recalled after reports of fires. No injuries, just roasted risers.

We're sorry.

The nylon screws were not the complete solution for the H1 fire hazard; they didn't address the root cause of the issue. We didn't account for scenarios where someone could replace the nylon screws with metal ones unknowingly. Our execution did not live up to the quality that our community has come to expect from us.

We will be removing the H1 from the NZXT Store and NZXT BLD.

The problem concerns a specific replaceable part. But it's maybe a general warning about the en-vogue mix of tiny Mini ITX cases, giant high-TDP video cards, and the nest of PCI riser cables and other shit stuffed in there with them.