Japan map identifies areas known for noisy kids and neighbors

The Dorozoku map identifies more than 6,000 locations across Japan where you'd be likely to encounter noisy kids or adults. From The Guardian:

Clicking on the icons reveals the nature of the nuisance, from children "playing noisily with balls" to adults engaging in marathon gossip sessions.

"Primary school children are always playing and romping around the street, causing trouble to people living nearby," reads a typical submission, while another user complains of having to dodge children while driving in the neighbourhood.

Older schoolchildren are not the only group being singled out, with other gripes directed at crying babies and kindergarten pupils raising their voices in the evening and during weekends.

But the site's operator, a man in his 40s who asked not to be named, is now under fire himself, accused of fomenting intolerance of children who are only doing what comes naturally, and in a country that needs many more young people if its economy is to survive in the coming decades.