Starbucks fails noise level test against competitors

If you're seeking a tranquil java joint to sip your brew in peace, you may want to avoid Starbucks — at least during peak hours. New sound data reveals that Starbucks ranks among the noisiest chains, especially between 8-9am and 3-4pm when the decibel levels soar.

SoundPrint, a company that describes itself as, "like Yelp, but for noise," recently released a study analyzing over 1,400 "SoundChecks" at popular coffee stops, including 886 different Starbucks locations nationwide. The findings? Starbucks cafes are generally 1-4 decibels louder than competitors, creating a cacophony that can drown out conversation.

"Variances of 3-4 dB are no small matter and can make a difference between a peaceful environment versus one filled with cacophony, loud espresso machines and sub-optimal acoustic design making the ability to have a conversation that much more difficult," reported SoundPrint acoustic data scientist Erin Dugan.

Luckily, the data offers a solution for those craving quiet: Between 1-4pm, chains like Peet's, Dunkin', and Panera tend to offer more hushed environments compared to their siren-branded rival. So the next time you need to find a quiet place to chat or work while you sip your coffee, you may want to bypass the 'Bucks and opt for an alternative with better acoustics.

Image: Via SoundPrint

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