Two Florida women try to get Covid shots by dressing up as grannies

Two Florida women, ages 34 and 44, sported bonnets, gloves, glasses, and old lady attire so that they could cut the Covid line and score some shots. And they almost made it, but as their turn approached, health workers noticed something was off about these grannies.

From HuffPost:

Police discovered that the dates of birth listed on the women's IDs did not match the ones they'd used to register for the jabs, Fox 35 Orlando reported. It's unclear if the women were similarly disguised when they received their first shots, if they did at all.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. Orange County Sheriff's Office issued trespass warnings to the women, Click Orlando reported.

Unfortunately, these women aren't the first to lie about their vaccine eligibility. From NPR:

When asked whether there have been other cases of people misrepresenting themselves to try to get vaccinated, Pino said there had been a few, including one man who shared the same name as his elderly father.

"As we are engaged in this process of trying to move people quickly, some people could squeeze in, so it's probably higher than we suspect," he said of the exact number.

And, noting that vaccines are "the hottest commodity," he said officials have increased security around the site to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Other states have also issued warnings against such plots. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed legislation that would make it a crime to provide vaccines to people who are trying to skip the line, and officials in an Indiana county said earlier this month that as many as 30 people had lied about their vaccine eligibility in just one weekend, which they called a "substantial lack of morality."