Arizona man fakes kidnapping to get out of work

If you ever have a job you really hate, here's a scenario you may run through in your head. "If I let this bus run over my foot, I won't have to go in….If I smash in my own windshield, I won't have to go in…". Kudos to this man, who couldn't bring himself to punch the clock one more day and risked it all in the most harebrained fashion possible.

Police said they found Brandon Soules near a water tower with his hands bound behind his back and a bandana stuffed in his mouth, the Casa Grande Dispatch reported Wednesday.

Soules told police that two masked men had kidnapped him, knocked him unconscious, then left him where he was found.

Coolidge detectives conducted an investigation that found no evidence that a kidnapping or assault had occurred.

via KTLA 5