Watch the spectacular eruptions of Mount Etna, a week-long spewing lava fest

Italy's Mount Etna, on the island of Sicily, has been exploding lava for almost a week and it's as beautiful as any fireworks show. From The Guardian:

Mount Etna's spectacular eruptions reached a peak on Monday when the volcano's lava fountains soared to 1,500 metres – a display described by one expert as "one of the most striking in the last few decades".

Europe's most active volcano has been on explosive form in recent weeks, spewing incandescent magma and a copious shower of ash, reaching as far as Catania. …

"This is certainly the strongest explosion in the southern crater that was discovered in 1971. We have not seen such high explosions for years but at the moment there is no risk to the population, apart from the smoke that can create breathing problems for a few hours, and the ash that covers buildings and streets."