Buy this ranch and Area 51 will be your next-door neighbor

Around 140 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, there's a cattle ranch for sale with a noteworthy next-door neighbor. For $4.5 million, you can own the 80 acre ranch abutting Area 51, the classified military base where new aerospace technology is tested and extraterrestrials chill on ice as their crashed craft are reverse engineered.

Among amenities like 750 heads of cattle, two homes, a barn, a shop, and feedlot pens, the ranch includes the iconic Black Mailbox (seen below) that the Los Angeles Times called "the most photographed mailbox in the world." According to that article, Steve and Glenda Meldin bought the ranch in 1973 when "there was no talk of aliens, and no home mail delivery.""

"For some reason, Tuesday nights was when they thought the aliens came out. Then it was Wednesdays," Glenda Medlin told the Times. 

Here is the ranch listing.

(via Fox10)