Add smart, safe brake lights to your bike with this $41 attachment and app

If you have a list of pet peeves, then drivers who don't signal are definitely on your list, and you're not the only one! It's also common courtesy for bike riders to give drivers behind them an idea when they're about to slow down or make a turn. Unfortunately, many cyclists don't give drivers a heads up either, and let's face it: hand signals aren't as eye-catching as big red lights. 

Hauteworks has the solution: the CLIQ LED Bike Light. This smart accessory is a must-have if you want to commute as safely as possible on two wheels. 

The CLIQ is a roadway guardian, offering your bike full visibility from all sides thanks to its powerful, 90-lumen LEDs flamethrower that are visible from multiple directions and distances. Created to clip easily to any bike with its universal mount, the CLIQ is built with miniature tidal internal reflection (TIR) lenses, which cast light evenly and efficiently at close, long and wide angles.

While synced to your phone, the CLIQ smart light acts just like the brake lights you would find on the back of a car. The artificial intelligence's internal accelerometer detects when you start slowing down and illuminates the LEDs automatically. It also has daytime running lights, so drivers can always spot riders, even on bad weather days. Thankfully, the CLIQ's water-resistant casing offers extra protection, which is just as handy on rustic trails as it is during rainy day rides.

When connected to the free My Rayo app, the CLIQ is entirely customizable, with controls for adjusting the brightness, sensitivity levels, or flash patterns of the light. It even works with other CLIQ-equipped riders, syncing your entire peloton together so everyone knows when and where the group is slowing down or turning.

The CLIQ even sports its own theft alert mechanism, which detects if the bike is making any harsh or unfamiliar movements then issues an alert to your phone.

Safety is priority number one when it comes to cycling, and Hautework's CLIQ LED Bike Light is an affordable safety device at $44. However, you can get it right now for just $40.95 with this deal. 

Prices subject to change.