Billy Ocean's Loverboy video is way weirder than you remember

Billy Ocean's Loverboy is a solid '80s bop. When you recall that the lyrics didn't get too much deeper than "Want to be your lover lover/Want to be your lover lover lover boy/Lover lover, yeah/Want to be your lover lover lover boy," you might assume the video would follow that storyline and feature a man in amorous pursuit of a special lady. The only special effects necessary are maybe a little fake rain or a fog machine.

But the '80s don't play by your bullshit logic. The video opens with glowing orbs and triangles flying through the galaxy to a synth soundtrack. Okay, not too wild. Then cuts to a knight riding a horse on the beach. Romantic, okay. We can deal with this. When the knight gets off the horse in order to crawl into a cave, we see that he is actually some sort of lizard-goat-alien and now the video has really begun. There are obvious tributes to popular sci-fi like Time Bandits, The Dark Crystal, and Planet of the Apes, but most of the video takes place in a facsimile of the cantina from Star Wars. Bootleg jawas rub shoulders with robot bartenders and monkey sailors. Billy comes spinning in on a glowing orb to bust out the chorus and keeps the party hype. Watch below and enjoy.

Aliens in a bar