Can you read this mysterious letter?

A letter written in a foreign language, a mysterious code, or perhaps by a very busy doctor, is confounding a woman in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Can you decipher Scranton's very own Voynich manuscript?

"40 years ago, I got it from my mother-in-law, and she got it from her mother. I don't know the history of it or anything other than she gave it to me and for me to hold on to it."

Judy decided it was time to try and figure out exactly where it came from, the language it's written in and what it says.

"I've reached out to a college in Binghamton. They really have nobody there that knows anything about it other than it may be Indonesian," Judy said.

Interest centers on scripts from remote Burma and Yunnan in China, such as Tai Le and Palaung, but perhaps only because no-one from those regions has yet popped up to debunk the speculation.

A dollar in my pocket says the photos are upside down.