Dishes of the Diaspora explores African food in the Bay Area

I recently worked on a public media pilot series called Dishes of the Diaspora, highlighting the stories of African chefs in the Bay Area. Today's episode features twin sisters Pam and Wendy Drew from Durban, South Africa (who you may recognize from the twins episode of Chopped). The episode follows how they unlocked the secrets of great cooking and what's been happening with their business Amawele's ("the twins" in Zulu) since covid-19 forced them to close their restaurant and catering. When not cracking us up with their sibling banter, the Drews share a few of their signature dishes like bunny chow. Bunny chow is a rich and flavorful curry served in a bread bowl. It was first introduced by Indian workers in South Africa who used to carry their lunch this way, putting a piece of newspaper over the top to keep it from spilling out on the way to work. Amawele's version is a "post-apartheid" bunny chow, and the curry overflows into a mouthwatering river on the plate.

Check it out if you're a food fan.