Check out 15 fun kids games and projects that both entertain and educate

Parents love their kids… but no matter how much they dote on the little rugrats, a few common kid statements are bound to prompt an eyeroll every time. Like, "Are we there yet?" Or, "That's not fair." Or the ultimate sticking point moment when they're hit with the ultimate, non-negotiable fallback of the two-year old, "No."

Then, there's "I'm bored." Which is often an absolutely inexcusable statement considering the mountain of toys and games and things to do stacked like cordwood to the ceiling in that child's bedroom.

But maybe you agree that the youngsters need a little something new to keep these days cooped up inside from driving them nuts. To help, check out these 15 different games and projects suited for the inquisitive kid, each at savings of up to 37 percent off right now.

16" Nanopad Game Board with 15mm Mega Nanodots – $39.99; originally $47

Let's be clear… the Nanodots on their own are cool enough. These half-inch futuristic marbles are actually crafted from unique consumer-use high-grade ceramic magnets, so they are infinitely satisfying to click, pry apart and stack in fun configurations. But this bundle also includes a magnetic, flexible two-sided game board for playing a bunch of fun marble games. 

SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle – $219.99; originally $320

3D printing gets every kid's attention, but many printers can be just a little too advanced for them. But the SparkMaker is user-friendly enough for even youngsters to pop in an SD card with a pre-loaded design, hit the print button, and bring their favorite digital creation to life. This printer is the intersection between easy enough for a kid to use and super affordable.

Ringo DIY Mobile Phone Kit and Tools – $179.95; originally $194

Here's a project that should perk up any kid's interest — the Ringo challenges youngsters to actually build and program their own mobile phone. Once kids put this DIY kit together with about 5 hours of work, they've got a phone that will actually handle texts and calls, plays games, shows the date and time, and connects to mobile networks all around the globe.

SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi 4 – $104.95; originally $115

Coding, engineering and problem solving are at the heart of this any RC or even self-driving car project. For kids 11 and up, this open-source learning kit uses training in Raspberry Pi, robotics, electronics and programming to build a robot car that's controllable via PC, phone or tablet. It's also packed with sensors so it can go toward a light, follow a line, or even avoid running into things automatically.

Tangiplay Tangible Coding Toys and Interactive Puzzles – $84.99; originally $99

If you think a 4-year-old can't code, you haven't checked out Tangiplay. This set of 12 robot toys interacts with a free app to lead kids through more than 120 different puzzles and games. They'll learn how to solve problems, create their own stories, and learn basic programming, all at the same time. This Kickstarter-supported game is how even the youngest of children can start getting a leg up on the big world of programming.

Zubi Flyer Hackable Frisbee – $89; originally $99

It looks like a frisbee — but the Zubi Flyer is a heck of a lot more than flying plastic. This STEM toy is packed with 12 fun games that test memory, play music, or even create light art as it supports both cognitive and physical learning. Plus, all the programming is hackable, so with a computer, kids can use new code to create new Zubi Flyer games and unlock new and exciting possibilities.

DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit for Ages 8 to 13 – $224.99; originally $249

For the kid who's mechanically inclined, this package can help them build their own self-driving vehicle. Using imagination and problem solving skills, a child assembles every part of this autonomous car, then uses artificial intelligence in a handful of hands-on projects that showcase the role AI plays in modern transportation. 

Nibble Educational DIY Game Console for Ages 9+ – $79.95

The Nibble might look and act like an old-school gaming console, but it's actually a devilishly insightful educational tool. First, kids assemble this DIY console complete with four retro games that are more than enough fun to keep everybody busy. But with its CircuitBlocks code editor, junior programmers can actually use embedded coding to literally make their own working games.

Robosen T9 Programmable Robot – $399.99; originally $499

The Verge called the T9 "one of the coolest robot toys ever made" — and once you see this thing in action, it's a hard point to argue. The T9 includes more than 3,000 state-of-the-art components and 22 proprietary servo motors, allowing kids to transform the T9 into both vehicle and robot modes and programs all kinds of action using both intuitive programming and even just simple voice commands.

PowerUp 4.0 Flight Manual Bundle – $95.99; originally $114

For a kid who likes paper airplanes, here's how to put a set of jet rockets on your folded creations. Attaching this hyper-intelligent on-board computer to a paper airplane turns it into a legitimately capable drone flying machine, controllable via smartphone. With built-in launch assistance, a wind stabilizer, up to 10 minutes of flight time, and a heavy-duty carbon fiber reinforced frame, this cool package turns any paper plane into a true aeronautic feat.

Metal DIY Model Kit – $99.95Metal Vehicle DIY Model Kit – $119.95

No kid can ever say they're bored while they're playing medieval hockey. Once it's put together, these metal pieces form an actual tabletop foosball-style hockey game for up to six players as everyone tries to angle the puck up the ice and score. The retro-cool look alone is enough to recommend it — and that's even before you get to the utterly addictive gameplay.

Or your kid can build a metal luxury roadster modeled to look like the classic Bentley Speed Six. This vehicle incorporates artificial leather, high quality deco and even real rubber wheels for a supremely crafted build that lovingly replicates this classic auto. And yes, it does actually run on its own.

ROYBI Educational AI Robot Toy – $187.99; originally $299

The Roybi may look like a toy, but it's way more than that. This sophisticated 1-on-1 tutor actually befriends a child while guiding them through a series of age-appropriate games and learning lessons. Using artificial intelligence, Roybi can even gauge a child's emotional state and respond accordingly. With a handful of awards including a 2020 National Parenting Product Award, Roybi is part friend, part teacher, and completely fascinating.

Farting Frenchies: A Card Game – $17.99; originally $24

The object: to build an army of silent, but deadly farting French bulldogs. The way to do that… well, that's the point of this always fun and always nonsensical card game. Players feed their dog junk to make stinkier farts, heap good smells on opponents to make their dog less pungent, and even let players pull off the most nefarious crime ever: dognapping!

Gel Blaster Surge Double Down: 2-Pack Launcher Toy and Accessories – $159.99; originally $220

Those guns that fire Airsoft pellets are fun… but they definitely aren't safe. The Gel Blaster Surge changes the ammo, firing non-toxic, water-based "gellets" that explode on contact and immediately start to evaporate, so there's no mess and nothing to cleanup. This challenging tactical game is one that parents will end up loving just as much as the kids.

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