So many dwarf sunflower seedlings

My daughter planted ALL THE SEEDS and now — if possible — we have far too many sunflowers.

I handed my daughter two packs of these dwarf sunflower seeds. I asked her to plant 4 per planter (we had 4) along the roof of a shed. We thought a 3-4 foot hedge of sunflowers would be fun.

She planted all the seeds. I have been thinning them out and offering seedlings to friends who want some.

I am surprised at how deep the roots have gone in just a few days.

I have some mammoth sunflowers and corn going in transplantable egg crates, seeing the early depth of these dwarf sunflowers, I may plant the mammoth sooner than later. I have been told to wait for the 1st set of real leaves vs the caudal pair that come from the seed to establish.

Yay! Spring!

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