Goose Island's new Cadbury Egg flavored beer

With breweries doing everything they can to push the boundaries of what beer is with some of the most repugnant additives out there, such as beard yeast for Rogue Ale's Beard Beer, made from brewmaster John Maier's actual beard, definitely tests the mettle of beer drinkers and makes me want to barf up puke. Mixing Cadbury Creme Egg flavors in a beer for Easter is does not sound great to me but it is far from the affront to my delicate mental defenses as anything containing beard yeast is.

Honestly, the collaboration between Goose Island Brewery and Cadbury Creme Eggs is not that much of a stretch in terms of today's beer flavors. This 4.5% ABV stout has the cacao nibs that many stout makers like to blend in. Vanilla beans, malted barley, oats, wheat are also added and lactose to give the creamy sensation of the Cadbury Egg, but no actual chocolate Creme Egg is directly added to the brew.

Dubbed the Cadbury Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout this promotional merger is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cadbury Creme Egg.

From Food and Wine:

"We have always celebrated the unique and wonderful ways of enjoying a Cadbury Creme Egg and with this launch we are taking EATertainment to a whole new level," Raphael Capitani, brand manager for Cadbury Creme Egg, said in the announcement. "We can't wait for people to try our very first beer and raise a glass to five delicious decades of Cadbury Creme Egg!"

Goose Island UK's Head Brewer Andrew Walton says, "With the Golden Goo-Beer-Lee Creme Stout we knew that we would be reaching a wide range of people with different levels of experience with craft beer!" Walton said. "We wanted to make sure that for whoever tried this beer, it would be unique and delicious. The tasty flavors of the stout complement the iconic Cadbury Creme Egg; we wanted to big up the chocolate and creaminess of the beer while keeping it super drinkable."

Goose Island even suggests that drinkers could "bite the top off a Creme Egg, lick the goo and use chocolate shell as a tiny beer vessel."

Again, it's no beard yeast, but man, licking out that ooze and drinking beer from the little chocolate cup? My Lord. I'm out.