Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton weighs in on the decision to discontinue 6 Dr. Seuss books

LeVar Burton remains just as righteous today as he was years ago as the host of Reading Rainbow, the PBS series that encouraged children to love reading. Anderson Cooper had Burton on the CNN show Full Circle as part of "Read Across America Day". The two discussed the decision by Dr. Seuss' publishers to discontinue six of its titles after a study found that 43 out of 45 characters of color contained harmful racist stereotypes.

"Actually, I think that, in the general sense, once you know better, it is incumbent upon you to do better, and that's exactly what Seuss Enterprises is doing here. They are being a responsible steward of the brand and they looked at these six titles and determined that in the light of today, they really don't fit with the values that we've all come to know Dr Seuss for. Look, all of our heroes are human; they are all flawed. It's one of the things I learned from Gene Roddenberry, one of my storytelling mentors. Gene was a guy who had this great vision, but he also wanted all the women in short skirts, so our heroes are flawed."

-LeVar Burton on CNN's Full Circle

But you don't have to take my word for it. Watch the full interview here.