The most haunted images from the Boston Public Library's recently digitized photo archives

In January 2021, the Boston Public Library uploaded some 8,000 public domain photographs to Wikimedia Commons. As The Boston Globe explains:

There's plenty of history to be found in the stash — the BPL highlights photos on the early history of the Red Sox and 19th century daguerreotypes of local abolitionists, for example — but which photos will make you want to run and hide? Between stilted portraiture, dusty and monochrome color palettes, and the mystique of peering into a bygone (and often horrific) era, historical photos are easy candidates for cursed images.

The Globe picked out a bunch of their favorite cursed images from the archives, but my favorite ones all come from a photographer named Edward Sutton Dorr, who worked in the Boston Sewer Department around the turn of the 20th century. Check these out:

The Globe also picked these two creepy images, though I can't find the original photographers' names:

You can check out more cursed images via Boston Globe or the Boston Public Library Digital Archives.