20 emergency tools and accessories that can be ultimate lifesavers in a tough spot

For over 100 years, the Boys Scouts motto has been, "Be prepared." Even if you don't know a merit badge from a jamboree, that's sound advice that everyone should heed. And considering the wide breadth of problems we could each unexpectedly face on a day-to-day basis, it really wouldn't hurt to make sure you've got a ready stockpile of emergency items if a situation goes sideways.

Check out this collection of handy tools and gadgets that might just get you out of a tough scrape, all on sale right now. 

Tools and Multi-Tools

5-in-1 Emergency Car Tool with Portable Power Bank – $19.99; originally $25

Since you never know what can go awry, this emergency tool is packing five different skills to help get you through. In addition to a powerful LED flashlight and a handy, red flashing SOS light, this tool also sports an emergency seat belt cutter in case of a belt jam, and a glass breaker with a steel tip to quickly punch through a side window. And it's all anchored by a 2,200mAh power battery for loads of on-the-go recharging power instantly.

B-2 Blitz Tactical Pocket Knife – $35.99; originally $75

The famed B-2 bomber inspired this Kickstarter-funded tactical knife that's part delicate, precise tool and part shock-and-awe campaign. The Blitz has a durable, short tanto blade engineered to cut, saw, or slice through all manner of materials. Meanwhile, its thick, sturdy multi-edge design sits in the hand comfortably with a stronger grip and more versatility than similar travel blades. 

BitzBlade 2.0 Multi Tool – $39.99; originally $99

If five or 10 or 12 different features in a multi-tool get our attention, then the BitzBlade 2.0 should leave you utterly transfixed. This portable 6-inch pocket-sized life saver is efficiency personified, hosting no fewer than 26 different features in its slick, yet stylish body. It's a bottle opener, box cutter, LED light, window breaker, a blade, a hex wrench and a bunch more super-convenient items.

Kelvin.7 Automotive Emergency Multi-Tool – $39.99; originally $49

For an unexpected roadside problem, this multi-tool is engineered to help answer the call whenever needed. Among the 7 emergency automotive features in the Kelvin 7 is everything from a window breaker, razor-sharp seatbelt cutter, and 4 built-in magnets to flashing emergency hazard light, an LED flashlight, a hand-crank power generator, and a USB emergency power supply. It's even got its own storage case to make sure it's always where you left it.

Jumpi 3-in-1 Car Vacuum, Jumpstarter and Power Bank – $99.99; originally $150

Pop the Jumpi in your truck and you'll always be ready for what lies ahead. The 700amp jumpstarter is good for up to 10 jumps, while the 6,000mAh Lithium-ion battery power bank can work similar miracles, reviving any other necessary devices like your smartphone. Finally, this 3-in-1 doesn't take cleanliness for granted either, packing a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that not only sucks up 99.99 percent of harmful particles and allergens, but handles it 50 percent quieter than other car vacuums.

Flashlights and Headlamps

Emergency Multi-Function Radio and Flashlight – $28.99; originally $89

A radio can be key, especially in the event of a natural disaster, so this multi-facet radio can pull in AM, FM, and NOAA weather broadcast reports 24/7/365. It's powered by solar panels on the top or through the built-in hand crank to generate energy the old-fashioned way. Plus, this unit also has its own LED flashlight, so if the power goes out, you're ready for it.

Solar Assisted Flashlight – $33.99; originally $39

No worries about plugging in this powerful beacon with spotlight, lantern, and red emergency strobe settings. Sure, you can juice it up via USB, but it's also rechargeable through the integrated solar cell that keeps it functioning even when power is tough to come by. It even shares the love, with an integrated USB port to plug in other electronic devices to get a charge of their own.

KeySmart Nano Torch Twist LED Flashlight – $49.99; originally $59

The twist of the Nano Torch Twist can angle a light beam almost anywhere you need it. The rotating swivel head makes it possible to shoot light in any direction from 0 to 90°. Between that versatility, its five brightness modes with an intelligent memory to remember your last setting, and a magnetic tail cap for mounting to metal like a car hood, it's a great solution for hands-free lighting when needed.

DanForce Bold-S 1080 Lumen Rechargeable Triple Headlamp – $41.99; originally $45

Packed with a positively scorching 1080 lumens, the DanForce Bold-S is a triple headlamp that can light up the night up to 800 yards away. With adjustable straps for a snug, yet secure fit, this lamp serves up four different brightness modes with adjustable beam angles as well as a 2,200mAh battery that can light your way for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

DanForce G1: The World's First Modular Flashlight Kit – $69; originally $99

From emergencies, to work use, to your off hours, this modular kit customizes the light to suit your needs. Backed by Kickstarter users, you can outfit your G1 for a variety of assignments, including a host of lighting abilities, a compass, a window smasher, a power bank and more. From a flashlight, to a tent lantern, to an emergency lighting kit, the G1 can give you a clearer picture of what's ahead at a range of up to 1,000 feet.

Chargers and Power Banks

HyperGear Solar 10,000mAh Power Bank – $34.99; originally $39

Solar panels can work slowly, but with the industry-leading 21-to-25 percent conversion rate from this HyperGear Power Bank, users get the rapid power-up that everybody wants. In addition to that high efficiency charging, this bank is built for the wild with a rugged, drop-tested, water-resistant body to survive the outdoors as well as a built-in compass and LED flashlight for those sudden adventures.

AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger – $34.99; originally $49

Your smartphone can wink out at a moment's notice, but with the AtomXS, users have a quick-access power source that clips right to a keychain. At less than 2.5 inches, this charger packs in 1,300mAh high-density battery capacity, good enough to plug directly into your phone and offer up to three hours of additional usage.

Go-Tough Power Bank with LED Flashlight – $39.99; originally $49

Dirt-proof, drop-proof, and waterproof, the Go-Tough is made to serve up power in extreme conditions from high temperatures to rainstorms and beyond. With a capacity of 5,000mAh, it can simultaneously charge a battery and device through over 600 charge cycles. The Go-Tough is also sporting a built-in LED flashlight and SOS signal blinking for emergency use.

PanicSafe Emergency Locator and Car Charger – $49.99; originally $79

During normal daily use, the PanicSafe is a charging beast, delivering power up to 4 times faster to all your energy-hungry devices. But in a time of crisis, PanicSafe can be a true lifesaver. Syncing to your phone, if you press the panic button or the unit's G-sensor is triggered by an accident, the PanicSafe will automatically send your location and SOS alert to up to seven emergency contacts on your list.

HyperGear PowerBrick 24,000mAh Power Station/AC Outlet – $76.99; originally $79

The PowerBrick does not take your charging needs lightly. With a built-in AC outlet and 2 USB ports, it can power up to 3 devices at once with 24,000mAh of power. Weighing just over a pound, this ultra-portable power bank can get your phone, tablet and even your laptop powered back up quickly. And speaking of quick, this bank can go from depleted back to full strength in just 4 hours.

Emergency Kits

If the power goes out or you're stuck in a situation, you may need some extended help, so this pair of emergency kits from Preppi are made to get you through 3 days and everything that might happen in those 72 hours.

The Prepster: Two-Person, 3-Day Emergency Kit Bag with N95 Mask – $449; originally $495

With The Prepster, you've got enough supplies for up to two people inside this heavy-duty metal framed bag crafted from water-resistant canvas and leather. Along with rations and medical supplies, the Prepster also has an NOAA radio, an LED flashlight, a power bank, hygiene essentials, and more, all within arm's reach should disaster strike.

GoBox 3-Day Emergency Kit with KN95 Respirator Mask – $89.99; originally $100

The GoBox is a one-person set packed with emergency tools and essentials, including a first aid kit, a KN95 respirator mask, a multi-tool, a high decibel whistle, water and food rations, and more.

Survival Bag – $119.99; originally $149

The Survival Bag is the perfect grab-and-go emergency kit, full of vital tools and essential pieces of equipment for any indoor or outdoor situation. Critical treasures are stuffed in every pocket, including everything from a flint and rod striker to a 3-mode flashlight, a carbonado knife to a wire saw, pliers, thermal blankets, a water filter, and even emergency eating utensils. There's also fully stocked medical supplies like bandages, dressing, alcohol swabs, and more.

Solar Accessories

GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven – $116; originally $139

Cook all your meals with the power of the sun. Ultra-portable at just 2 lbs., the vacuum tube converts 80 percent of the sun's rays to heat, pumping temperatures up to 550° so you can bake, roast, steam or boil virtually any meal in under 30 minutes. And even if it's cold and overcast? No problem — the GoSun still makes solar cooking quick, reliable and efficient.

GoSun Chill Solar Cooler – $635; originally $749

It's a solar cooler that doesn't even need ice. That means no heavy ice to tote around, no melting all over your stuff, and twice the storage space for all your food and drinks. The temperature control touch screen lets you keep conditions anywhere from -4°F up to 68°F for up to 14 hours on an 80°F day. Plus, it has the ability to draw power from almost anywhere, including power banks, AC adapters, 12-volt batteries, or flexible solar panels.

Prices subject to change.