Oklahoma placed a $2.1 million bounty on capturing Bigfoot alive

In January, Oklahoma State Rep Justin Humphrey (R-Lane) filed a bill to establish a designated Bigfoot hunting season. It didn't go very far. But now he's leading the charge on a "Sasquatch Quest" in which the state tourism department will issue tracking permits to Bigfoot seekers who would then take home a $2.1 million bounty if they capture one alive. I hope nobody succeeds. A clear photo would be nice though. From the Enid News & Eagle:

"We've got to get some language, make sure that we protect Bigfoot and that we protect the public (so) that nobody is injured," he said.

Humphrey's original plan suggested lawmakers set aside a $25,000 bounty for Bigfoot's capture, but he said an upcoming Hollywood Bigfoot movie pledged around $2 million, while another private business promised an additional $100,000. That eliminated any need for state funding.

He said state tourism officials now are developing a Bigfoot promotional campaign that includes license plates, decals, an annual commemorative tracking license and "Bigfoot checkout stations." He said they're also working on a map of the region to show visitors the best route to take to spot Bigfoot while promoting nearby businesses at the same time.

Any profits generated from the new Bigfoot tourism campaign will be used to maintain the state's lakes, parks and roadways that are in "terrible, terrible condition," he said.