Bar throw St. Patrick's Day party with "Kiss me, I'm contagious" t-shirts

In Gaylord, Michigan, the Iron Pig Smokehouse—a restaurant/bar that had its liquor license suspended last year for violating COVID-19 restrictions—is hosting a St. Patrick's Day bash. To be fair, Iron Pig and its partners at the Ellison Place venue apparently consulted with the health department to ensure they are following current COVID-19 guidelines and capacity limits. But also to be fair, I don't believe what Iron Pig proprietor Ian Murphy has to say about the event's commemorative t-shirt emblazoned with a play on the "Kiss me, I'm Irish" slogan—"Kiss me, I'm contagious." From MLIve:

"A lot of people are quick to be upset about the conclusion of 'kiss me, I'm contagious' about it having something to do with COVID," Murphy said. "Frankly, that's not really the case… [The shirt means] I'm contagious because I'm Irish, I'm fun, we're having a good time. Contagious is part of being the life of the party."

The shirt follows a long line of COVID-themed merchandise from the smokehouse, ranging from a pig drinking a Corona beer to the slogan "Risk it for the brisket — BBQ with a side of freedom."

The shirts have raised mixed responses.

image: Iron Pig Smokehouse