A drunk off-duty cop who violently attacked a woman in the street gets no jail time

West Midlands Police Oliver Banfield was drunk when he grabbed his victim around the neck on a dark street, according to The Mirror. He used restraint techniques he'd learned in police training to put the woman in a headlock. He dragged her across the sidewalk and shouted that she was a "fucking slag."

In court, Officer Banfield's lawyer told the judge that his client should be exempt from having to perform community service because he is a police officer and it would be "difficult" for him to work with criminals. Ironic, considering Banfield himself is a violent criminal.

Taking all things into consideration the judge sentenced Banfield to a curfew. For the next 14 weeks, he must stay at home between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am.

That's it.

From The Mirror:

[The victim] has suffered from anxiety, stress, panic attacks and insomnia and is undergoing therapy and counselling.

[She] said being attacked by a police officer had shaken her belief system "to the core".

"I often ask myself if the impact of the attack would have been so severe if my assailant was not a police officer," she said.

"During the assault as I struggled to get to safety I was sure this drunk man was fulfilling a violent cop movie fantasy.